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Interactive Whiteboard Tools

by Wendy Torres


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Interactive Whiteboard Tools
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By Wendy Torres
Coppin State University
Senior Instructional and Digital Accessibility Specialist
Twitter Handle: @Tech_snacks
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What are Interactive Whiteboard Tools?
Interactive Whiteboards are web based tools that allow for sharing and collaboration of information.

With interactive whiteboards, participants can share items like notes, and multimedia items ( like videos, images). Participants often only need a url to start sharing and posting data.
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The Disabled Population is the largest minority group in the world with at least 1 billion people.
It is also the only group where any of us can become a member of at any time.
When considering a Whiteboard tool, it is important to understand how the tool fares for accessibility.
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1 billion people live with a disability 1 out of 7 has a disability
Over 70 million people in the United States identified as having a disability.
-Source 2018 US Census
"We don’t teach to teach the privileged and the few, we teach to teach all, and if we don’t become accessible, we are not teaching everyone.”
- Lucy Greco
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According to a 2020 Educause Study: "Among students with disabilities, about a third (32%) said they require accessible content, accessible technologies, and/or technology accommodations for their coursework.
Many students with disabilities do not have positive responses to how their institution supported their need for accessible content and/or technology accommodations."
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"Assistive/accessible technology such as captioning and text-to-speech software is important to their academic success, and students with disabilities would like instructors to account for this when developing their courses." -Source
Dana C. Gierdowski and Joseph D. Galanek. ECAR Study of the Technology Needs of Students with Disabilities, 2020. Research report. Louisville, CO: ECAR, June 2020.
When it comes to content, students need to be able to...
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Perceive, understand, navigate an interact
...with the content fully to make the information make sense. If they are unable to do so, the content is not digitally accessible.
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Access and Accessibility get used interchangeably when we discuss EdTech tools.
They are not the same thing. Having access means the content is available.

Accessibility means that students can engage fully with the content.