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by Welch, Spencer I


Mi arbol Familiar
mi abeula
mi abeula/grandmother was born in Tasmania ,Australia in 1947 and lived there for 67 years of her life until she moved to Chicago,USA
Le gustan las películas de terror y medía 5'7 y 83
Mi abuela (mothers side)
mi abuela on moms side is from haiti she lived therefor 53 years until moving to jacksonville, florida, USA
Le gustan las películas de jardinería y medía 5'5 y 93
mi abuelo
Mi Abuelo Robert Welch Sr is my fathers dad and a man of god owned 13 churches across georgia and chicago and loved cars
Le encantan las películas de Dios y tenía 6'3 y 87 años.
Mi Abuelo
mi abuelo Tommie lee robinson is native to greece lived there for 22 years of his life
Le gusto leer películas y medía 6'6 y 94 y era muy flaco.
Mi Mama/My mom was born in Australia, and lived there for 24 years and then move to Chicago were she met my dad / Mi papa
Mi mamá tiene 5'5 y es muy bonita