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Workshop Report

by Rossella Buontempo

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Conscious Technology for the Future
Workshop report
Nuova Direzione Didattica Vasto, Italia
Rossella Buontempo
Between the 28th June and the 2nd July 2021, at Nuova Direzione Didattica Vasto, Italy, it was held on videoconference the meeting of the transnational project within the Erasmus + Project “Conscious Technology for the Future”.
The project was carried out in partnership with Turkey (leading school), Bulgaria, Poland, Romania.
Teachers worked together on a common issue: prevention the technology addiction and contrast the phenomenon of cyberbullying.
The online meeting was followed by a hundred teachers.
The first day, Monday 28th June 2021, the virtual meeting was opened by greetings of our Headmaster.
The partner colleagues were shown images of Vasto, an Italian town in the province of Chieti, Abruzzo.
Then there was shown a video, taken by a drone, shooting the most suggestive places of the town.
Later, teachers knew the main institute“Giuseppe Peluzzo”, by means of a video with children saying hello.
During the morning, our school “Nuova Direzione Didattica” was introduced with all information concerning its Plan of Education Offer.
Then the Italian Education System was described.
As final moment, there was the explanation of the meeting plan for the following days.
The Seminar
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