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Climate Change

by Qiongxuan Wang


Climate Change
Qiongxuan Wang. Sarah
One day, a little penguin asks her polar bear mother a question,
"Mummy, what is Climate Change?"
She remembers Teacher talking about it during swimming class, but she could not understand the meaning of it.
Speech Bubble
Mummy Bear is very happy seeing little penguin is willing to learn something about the Earth. As you can see, their house is getting smaller and smaller!
She wants the little penguin and all their friends to know the importance of Earth protection, she throws a bubble and puts the meaning of
Climate Change inside:
Climate change is the long-term changes in temperatures of the whole world.
(NASA, 2022)
Mummy Bear found a Youtube channel By Dr. Salad, a famous scientist, talking about the environment. She then calls little penguin and her friends to watch it together, to know more about the climate.

Now children, let's watch this interesting video with them together!
Climate Change
The video is OVER ! Do you find it interesting?

Now, here comes the mummy polar bear, she wants to ask you a question:
From the video by Dr. Salad, we know that many challenges are faced by the Earth.
So, Is there anything that you can do to help our Earth Mother?
The little penguin is raising her hands highly! She is really excited to share her ideas to protect mother Earth.

There are many things that little penguin feels she could do.
"We can remember to off the lights when leaving a room, " says the little penguin, "same for the fan, air-conditioner, and the water tap could waste many resources as well if we keep it opened."