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by Helen Naomi


Traveling the world
Helen Naomi K.
AP Human Geography
Mr. Andy Wilson
11th Grade
- Curacao
- Belgium
- Italy
- London
- Inishowen
- Jerusalem
- Turkey
- Thailand
- Bangkok
- India
- Cape Town
- Orania
- Colombia
1 - Hi journal! My sister and I will be starting our journey tomorrow in Curacao. Before we take off we will be getting to know our island a bit more, so we searched up some thematic maps. We found a thematic map made for tourists with some fun Curacao spots and a map of vegetation locations in Curacao.
2 - Daniela and I woke up at 9:00 am this morning and started our adventure at a rent car company (mr paradise). We rented a little blue car and we toured all of bandabou beaches. Our favorite one was Santu Pretu, a little beach next to Santa Cruz.
3 - On our way back we stopped at Christopher berg information booth and found out that the plant on our vegetation map: Bromelia- Schomburgkia is from the best surviving beach vegetation's of the island to high quality dry-evergreen limestone vegetation's.
1- Good morning Journal! It has been 3 days since I last reported to you. During these past 3 days many things happened such as Daniela and I boarding a KLM plane to Belgium which lasted about 9 hours, then taking a train from the city Brussels to the city of Sint-Niklaas which lasted about 35 min and finally arriving to our destination.
3- Hi journal! It's already late at night but I decided to write to you about our day. We visited the Mercator museum located just a few blocks from our Airbnb. The Mercator projection, was designed to help sailors navigate around the globe and it was the representation of a globe flattened as a version of a cylinder. Nevertheless it is known for distorting the size of objects as the latitude increases from the Equator to the poles. Ps: Greenland and Antarctica look unrealistically bigger.
4- Despite the fact that the Mercator projection isn't too believable... Daniela couldn't help smiling while wandering the streets that the same Gerardus Mercator did in the 16th century
2- This is our second day here and we can't help to notice that German culture is full of multilingual states. We actually came to notice that on the road signs. As we traveled from north to south, the road signs changed to reflect the changing culture. This is because of the many countries that border the country. Walloons (southern populations in Beligum) speak French due to the location and people in northern Beligum speak a dialect of Dutch and German known as Flemish. Later one a friend we made along the way told us that many disputes and conflicts can arise within a region because of these many differences which is correct.
1- Good evening Journal! It has been 3 days since I last reported to you. During these past 3 days many things happened such as Daniela and I taking a train from the city of Sint-Niklaas to Italy, Venice which lasted about 12 hours.
2- Italy is a beautiful place full of exquisite food but the main reason we came was to see for ourselves the rapidly declining rate of natural increase. In 2020 the rate of natural increase for Italy was -3.45 persons per thousand population. Even though this amazing country isn't in a stage 5 yet, it may become one soon.
3- During our stay here, we walked through the streets and would eventually get tired and sit at a cafe. We saw many young tourist but not as many young residents. On the other hand, we saw many sweet elderlies enjoying their city.
1- Good evening Journal! It is our third and last day at Italy before our next destination... so we couldn't help but go on a gondola ride.
2- The ride was truly magical! And Daniela didn't stop taking pictures for her Instagram. After a few hours we concluded our night back at the Airbnb and had a long chat. We were talking about Venice push and pull factors. I argued that one of Venice's push factors were the floods the canals produced. There has actually been many inundations in Venice over 1.1 meters which is the official level for “acqua alta,” or “high water,” making Venice a more touristic place instead of residential
3- Instead, Daniela argued that most of Venice architecture is old and historic. which attracts many tourist and immediately creates a demand for employment. She said "Who's gonna serve all these tourist? Jobs are gonna be available everywhere Helen." Finally, we concluded to both be right and go to sleep. Goodnight journal!