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Promoting Digital Citizenship in SCPS Schools

by Kimberly Allen


Digital Citizenship is about taking ownership of our actions and using technology responsibly, respectfully, and ethically.

SCPS is encouraging teachers to find organic ways to implement the 9 elements of Digital Citizenship into their classrooms as a way to build strong SCPS digital citizens.

Digital Access
Digital Commerce
Digital Communication Digital Literacy
Digital Etiquette
Digital Law
Digital Rights & Responsibilities
Digital Health & Wellness, & Digital Security
SCPS wants to make sure that we are not only integrating the 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship competencies but we are also targeting the Elements of Digital Literacies.
Integrating Digital Citizenship
Include the librarian when you are planning or looking for ideas

Embed into your classroom rules, rubrics, projects, choice boards, etc

Utilize premade lessons, Edutopia Pinterest Board, find toolkits online, choice boards

Hold students accountable