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Discoveries in Hungary

by Participants of the Erasmus+ project Discover - Understand - Enjoy - Share


The contents of this publication do not necessarily reflect the position or opinion of the European Commission.
This collection was produced in the framework of the Erasmus+ „Discover – Understand – Enjoy – Share“ project in cooperation of MTÜ Kool 21. sajandil, Tallinn, Estonia and BGSZC Teleki Blanka Közgazdasági Technikum, Budapest, Hungary. It offers insight into the culture of Hungary through the eyes of secondary school students.

We hope it serves as a good basis to integrate parts into the teaching process when the focus is on Hungarian culture. It might inspire discussions and the collection helps to develop further materials to the students' needs.

We hope you will enjoy reading the book.



Facts of the country, main areas, landscape features

People, language(s), national symbols

Main regions and interesting facts, sights, events, places of World Heritage

Public holidays, special events

Traditions, customs, folklore, articraft

Famous people, famous inventions

Music, festivals, songs we like

Facts of Hungary
Basic information

Our country is one of the oldest European countries as it was founded in 895. Hungary is one of Central Europe's landlocked countries. Budapest is the capital of Hungary and the largest city by far. Over 1.7 million people live in Budapest. Hungary is divided into 19 counties.
Hungarian flag
north - Slovakia
northeast- Ukraine
southeast - Romania, Serbia, Croatia
southwest - Slovenia
west - Austria
Budapest and the River Danube

Hungary and its borders
Geography of Hungary
Hungary is a landlocked country, which means that it's entirely surrounded by land. Its two longest rivers are called Danube and Tisza, they divide Hungary into 3 parts.
The 3 parts of the country:
the plain between the Rivers Danube and Tisza
Trans-Tisza region
Regions of the country

The biggest Hungarian lake is called Lake Balaton that covers 598 km². We can say that it's one of the biggest tourist attractions of the country.
Lake Balaton