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Climate Change

by QUINONES ODAR Valeria Valentina


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By Valentina Quinones
What is climate change?
Well then, come along, I will explain everything you need to know about it.
Climate change is the BIG BIG changes in temperature and weather, so for example, let’s say you and your family go out to get ice cream in summer, two years ago it would have taken 15 minutes for your ice cream to start melting but 5 years from now, it will only take 10 minutes to start melting, that is a change in temperature, and an example of a change in weather patterns, by the way, I forgot to mention, a pattern means a routine, let's say you go out with you friends to play when it is raining, you jump into the puddles and all, but in 5 years there will be so much rain your mom will not let you out of the house. And that my friend is how climate change works, you might not notice it today, but you certainly will in the future. 
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Make sure you are educated about the subject
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Try to buy snacks with recycling packages
when being at school is good if you ask about climate change, so you and your friends are aware of what is going on and can educate yourself on how to prevent it. 
Make your voice heard
when you go to buy snacks try to buy those that have the little recyclable sign on it, so you can recycle it later. 
If you and your friends know what you want for the future when it comes to the planet don't be afraid to say it.
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Take shorter showers
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Learn how to recycle
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Turn off devices like cell phones/ laptops when not in use
Try to turn your devices off as soon as you stop using them. 
As a group activity, with your friends or family, learn how to recycle and reuse things. 
To reduce the waste of water, try to reduce your time in the shower.