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by Carla Johana Fernandez Martinez


Summarize and Paraphrase your Favorite Movie

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My favorite movie:

Tristan is a young man who lives in the curious town called Wall, a place that separates the world from the magical kingdom of Stormhold. One night when a star falls on the other side of the wall, Tristan promises Victoria, the girl he loves, that star in exchange for his hand in marriage, she accepts, and this is how he begins his journey in search of the star not to mention the fact that in the wizarding world of Stormhold a star is much more than a star.

Tristan is a boy who lives in a town that is surrounded by a wall which leads to another kingdom. He is in love with a girl from his town named Victoria, one night before Victoria's birthday, Tristan invites her to see the stars in the limits of his town, in that a star falls from the sky to what Tristan tells Victoria that by his hand he crossed the wall to deliver the star. To which he undertakes his journey on the other side of the world discovering that on that side magic exists, as well as other magical creatures, and most importantly, during the course of the trip he realizes that he is the son of the only princess of that kingdom, thus becoming the next king.

My favorite movie
Fernanda Corominal
Madagascar is a movie about animals that want to be free but they can't because they live in the zoo, but one day they decide to go out but it wasn't so easy since people ran away since they were wild in the end they went to the jungle .
Madagascar is not only a movie for children but also an adult movie since it has funny parts that adults like.
My favorite movie
Word War Z
When a zombie pandemic threatens to destroy humanity, a former United Nations investigator is forced to return to duty to try to discover the source of the infection.

It all starts with a family made up of the parents and two daughters, the oldest of whom suffers from breathing problems, when they are in traffic they see problems with people and that traffic does not happen so they see that something is wrong with people and that they start to eat each other, they come out of it and they begin to bite, after, the dad was a former investigator of the united nations they call him so that this pandemic results, in exchange for that they offer security to his family, the investigator travels around the world looking for cure or the little thing, in the end he travels to Israel and sees how a zombie does nothing to one child, he finds nothing in Israel, but he sends him to a clinic where the first zombies began, almost to finish the movie he thinks in the laboratory and injects himself with a deadly disease and they discover that this is the cure for zombies not to continue killing people.
Mi favorite movie is bird box a ciegas, this is a movie something of action where there is an evil or a presence that if you see it, this shows you, your worst fear and makes you kill.
Of many, only one girl survives with her two children who must come to a safe place blindfolded, and her help is her pets, some little birds that get a little nervous when they feel the presence and finally they reach the safe place and they can live in peace.
5o. PC A
A woman named Malorie and two children sail downstream blindfolded to reach a refuge, after strange forces invaded, and find themselves causing massive suicides around the world, causing chaos and decreasing the population.
These beings show each person their worst fears, when they visually observe her outside, where the phenomenon is, causing imperious behavior, addictive to suicide and self-harm. Malorie, while pregnant, tries to flee from the threat and seek refuge, thus managing to enter other people in a neighbor's house, since being refugees or in a house, and with the windows covered so as not to look outside, they can remove the bandage and be safe, since the forces are only outside. With everyone in the house, they begin to live experiences to try to survive. The phenomenon, apparently, does not affect certain people with mental disorders, who can look directly, however, some of these have joined together to go through the streets and force others to observe this phenomenon, so now these They are also a threat to Malorie and the rest, who will fight trying to save their lives.
My favorite movie
Midnight sun
The movie is about a girl named Katie who dies if exposed to light, she lives a summer romance with the boy named Charlie with whom she has been in love for years. As her relationship grows stronger, she looks for ways to hide the illness she suffers from.
Katie a girl who has "XP" is a disease that if exposed to the sun will die. She met Charlie which she has been in love with since they were kids but he didn't know. After that, they lived a love history very cute but, Katie prefers not to tell Charlie about her illness.
By: Rosario Morales