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by Luka Janashvili


What Happened?
By Luka Janashvili
Victorian School
At the start of Queen Victoria's reign, there were no government-run schools, and no law saying children had to go to school.
But, one day when I woke up, I found out that I was a son of English family, I went to public school. I was taught classical subjects like Latin and Greek.
The school regime was extremely strict and the school day was very long, sometimes lasting until 5 p.m. Any windows in the classroom tended to be high up, making it impossible for us to see out. Teaching was terrifying, embarrassing and insulting.
We sat in the classroom in silence and listened to the teacher. They were very strict. Often we learnt by repeating sums or sentences over and over again. The teacher taught us reading, writing and math, so we had to know spellings of words and times tables off by heart.
When we behaved badly, teachers and parents often punished, spanked us.
Despite the disappointing school, we had fun after school. For example, Board games such as Snakes and Ladders, Ludo. We also played with toys like hoops, marbles and skipping ropes with friends in the street, or in the school playground. We played chasing games such as Tag or we played catch with balls.
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Georgian School
Public School N 10 of Rustavi
Full general education includes 12 years of study and carried out in three levels (primary, basic, secondary). Primary education includes 6 years of study and implemented in I-VI grades; Basic education includes 3 years, implemented in VII-IX grades; Secondary education includes 3 years, carried out in X-XII grades.
I am a student of basic level, I am a 7th grader. I love my school, teachers and classmates.
In my school, I am taught different subjects: Georgian, English, Math, History, Civics, Russian, Geography, P.E, Music and Art.
My favorite subjects are Georgian, Math and English. Learning is fun and exciting. If I say the truth, sometimes it is  tiring and exhausting too. We have a lot of homework to do. Despite this fact, I want to say that I am always pleased and interested in learning new things at school. I think our school is challenging and encouraging.
After school, I always play computer games with my friends or we go to the park and play basketball.
What is the difference between Victorian schools and modern schools?
In very poor areas, some Victorian classrooms would have up to 70 or 80 children. Now schools usually have 30 children in each class. Boys and girls in the past were often taught in different rooms and learnt about different things while children now share classrooms and are taught the same curriculum.

Personally I prefer modern school because teachers are friendly and helpful, but they give us a lot of homework : ))