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proyecto de ingles

by Juan Pablo Arrieta Martinez


juan pablo arrieta martinez
my favorite sport is swimming
my favorite place is beach
i live in colomlonbian
my faborite cancion is enemy
my favorite movie is spiderman no wey home
my favorite siris is dragon ball hero
my faborite fot is macarony
my favorite drink is cocacola
my favorite asig is tegnology
I don´t like rok music
i don´like eta icotea
my name is Juan Pablo Arrieta Martinez i am 11 yers olb,my favite siris is pokemon travel, i love swiming,goin to the beach and play soquer my favori
movi is spiderman no wey home, i like watch movis, my favorite foob is macarrony and my favorite life it´s coke, my favorite sucjeb is tegnologi,
i don´t like rock and nor eat icotea