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by Martin Arias


An opinion paragraph

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Name: Martín Arias 9J
First we are going to talk about my opinion of how it will be to read books in the future, if it will be better or worse, all the advantages and disadvantages that this change will bring to society, also to make my text I will use the first conditional, in will and the won't
First of all, I believe that the books in the future will not be read physically, but a theory that I have is that all the books are virtual and with the technology that we will have in the future, they may even be holographic books.
Another theory I have is that as technology is advancing more day by day, there may also be reality glasses that will allow all the information in a book to be transmitted instantly to the brain, already having all the knowledge of the book. This would bring many advances to science and studies since it would make our lives easier.
Personal opinion
Of course, all this would take away the fun of reading a book since reading them would be very boring and I would not have the emotion of having a physical book.