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Charlie and eTwinning Factory

by Andrés Sigüenza


Charlie and eTwinning Factory
Infantil syllabus
Once, every hundred years, a mysterious library appears and allows its guardians not only to read their books, but also to live them.

No one has seen it again ... perhaps for a hundred years ... but that is about to change.

Today, the mysterious library has appeared in our school and from today until it disappears again, we will be its guardians. It is a hard task, we have to protect it from the evil ones who hate reading and want to burn all the books, but in exchange we will have the luck to read and really live all the books that it offers us... the first of all: Charlie and the chocolate Factory.
While we look for the mysterious library into the school, we work the first subjet of our syllabus: the school, its dependencies and people who work in the school, norms and routines.
Main aims related with school:

• Participate in cooperative games to improve esteem, coexistence, and their own well-being.
• Recognize the organizational norms of the classroom.
• Respect and comply with the rules of behavior and coexistence: greeting, saying goodbye, raising your hand, asking for things please, give thanks.
• Respect the staff of the school and know their functions.
• Orient themselves and act autonomously in the school's facilities.
• Pronounce and correctly use the name of your colleagues and school staff.
• Recognize the name of the school.
• Develop vocabulary related to units and topics worked.
The first book we were going to live was "Charlie and the chocolate factory" and it became to be real when a big package of chocolate bars arrived to our school.

If we found a golden ticket in a chocolate bar, we could visit Willy Wonka's chocolate factory along with the rest of the children who also found a golden ticket. And we were lucky to find one in each class, we were able to invite our friends to come with us and we met other children from Spain, Slovenia, Lithuania, Greece and Turkey who accompanied us on the trip, along with 4 rather unpleasant children, called Agustus Gloop, Veruca Salt, Violet Beauregarde and Michael Teavee.

The real intention of Willy Wonka was to discover what children were worthy of winning a great prize, so, in secret, while we were visiting the factory within eTwinning platform, he put us a series of tests that we had to go through.