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The Mysterious Book and Her

by Sara GREGORY [4C]


By Sara Gregory
“Poosh!” A book appeared in front of Anastasia! She slowly opened the book , “Argh!” Anastasia fell down a blinding purple portal!
Anastasia landed in a hot world with a lot of mythical creatures.
Anastasia was about to step in the portal again but the portal had disappeared! “Oh no!” Anastasia was surrounded by animals.
There was no way out, she had to escape, but there were more animals coming her way, Anastasia had jumped over all the animals!
She started running as fast as she could, she was panting so hard! Anastasia was getting so tired of running and she was running out of breath, so she took a turn and stopped running.
This repeated for a week . Anastasia had enough of this, so she decided to be nice and started searching for food for them and started being nicer and suggesting things to do when they were bored.
So the animals started being nice. A few days later Anastasia went to meet the queen to ask if she could be the next queen after she heard the queen is leaving the world soon.
“Why hello dear my name is Melony,what brings you here?” The queen asked “ I came to ask if I could have the position to be the next queen”
Anastasia said
“How weird of you to ask … NO I am queen and if you want to be queen you have to battle my army” The queen said “Okay I will come for you on Wednesday” Anastasia said “Me and my army will be ready for you” The queen said. 2 days later Anastasia came with an army full of creatures, “ I am ready to fight” Anastasia said, Immediately an arrow landed in the grass “GO!” Anastasia yelled.