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Inspiration....For Every One! Inspired by Jason Reynolds and Remixed by the 7th grade Students at Oak Hill Junior High

by 7th grade students at OHJH


Inspiration....For Every One
~Inspired by Jason Reynolds~
Remixed by the 7th grade
Students of Oak Hill Junior High
Don't Stop
This is for the true dreamers.
To the ones that are hungry, starving dreamers.
To the dreamers that have an itch that's in a spot that won't settle.
This is to the dreamers, artistic and not.
To the want to be millionaires or the want to be family guys and soccer moms.
To the rich and the poor and to all in between.
The young and the old
The boys and the girls.
The black, white, brown, purple, orange, pink, green, and blue
To the people who don't even know what their dream is yet.
And to the people who are so close to grabbing its wild tail.
This is a letter to tell you....
Don't stop.
If your a true dreamer, don't stop.
If you are hungry and starving, don't stop.
If you have an unbearable itch to thrive, don't stop.
I don't care if you are poor, rich, young, old, female, males, black, white, all the colors of the rainbow.
Don't stop.
Even if you don't even know what it is you're looking for.
Don't stop.
Even if you don't know what it is you're looking for,
Don't stop.
Once you find this ball of light, I want you to chase it.
If it swims away from you, swim after it.
If it walks away from you, walk after it.
If it jogs away from you, job after it.
If it runs away from you, run after it.
And if it sprints away from you at its fastest pace....
You hop on an Uber to who knows where, and you go after it.
If you don't find this helpful, just wait a little longer and read it again.
If this letter to you is a meaningless mess of muck that is nothing more to you than the dirty piece of gum stuck to the underside of your shoe,
Throw it away
Or burn it.
Burn it and stick the flames in a torch that you can use to light the way in this world.
And when you've found your way through this swamp of fear and sadness and monsters that try to drag you down,
I want you to set it on fire.
I want you to share this fire of hope and understanding and courage with others.
And if they don't like this and want to throw it away,
Tell them they can throw it away if they want
Or tell them to hold onto it and
just wait a little longer and read it again.
Just take this in from someone who's continuously learning.
When your a baby, you learn to walk and you do it.
When your a toddler, you learn to talk and you do it.
When your a kid, you learn to do school work and make friends
and you do.
When your a teenager, you learn to date and take on responsibilities
and you do.
And well....
That's as far as I've gotten.
You are always learning new things and one day
Chasing your dream is going to be one of those things,
and you will learn how to get there.
Whether it's getting your grades up
or learning to run faster
or finishing that one painting
or nailing that pirouette
Or finally getting that cake to rise and be as fluffy and flavorful as possible
Or maybe you just want to make it to 23....
Whatever your dream is,
Don't stop.
You are closer to reaching your dream than yesterday
Or a week ago
Or a month ago
Or even a year ago
So why stop now?
Why stop when you are so close to catching that ball of bright light?
The ball of all your hopes and dreams and wants ad needs and desires.
Why stop when you are closer than before
And if you were closer yesterday than today,
Just do what you did yesterday and do it today and tomorrow.