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Tools To Help You Teach

by Classroom Aquarium Education Program


Tools to Help You Teach
A teacher's guide to virtual resources for the Classroom Aquarium Education Program (CAEP)
Dear educators,

We appreciate the time and effort that you spend educating the youth of California. For those of you hatching trout in your classroom, we have been busy creating new virtual materials that are aligned to standards for you to use with your students.
Let's explore the many options available to your virtual classroom...
Table of Contents
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CAEP has created the following books for you to use with your students.
Tools to Help You Teach
This is the book you're reading right now! You will be exploring virtual resources created by CAEP.
A Fry's Eye View: Hatching Our Trout From Egg to Stream
This book gives students an idea of what it would be like to hatch trout in their very own classroom.

A Fisheye's View: Hatching Your Students into Trout Caretakers
This book gives teachers an introduction to CAEP. It includes the benefits, challenging aspects, and personal experiences from this program.
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Flipgrid is simple, free, and accessible video discussion experience for pre-K to PhD educators, learners and families. FlipGrid's mission is to empower every voice.

CAEP has created over 40 topics for you to use with your students. These topics include Tank Time with Tom, Ask a Biologist, and much more.