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My Journey to the United States

by Angie Nicole Guerrero Tablada


By: Angie Nicole Guerrero
My Journey to the United States
When i finished my school
Independence Day
My first day in the school
My family
My Previous Life
Where I studied
My House
My Country
Tourist places
La Baleada
Pinol (made from ground corn)
Honduran reefs
Sopa de Marisco (seafood soup)
Before Arrival
To get here I was on a trip for fourteen days. I was travelled in cars and small buses. We never had any rest because they told us it was dangerous and we needed to keep moving. So I did not know much of where I was. I was traveling sometimes for more than 20 hours; we left very early to make the journey faster. Sometimes we went out at dawn at 1 am or at 3 am, sometimes we only rested for a few hours in a house. We didn't spend much time there; sometimes we didn't eat on the trip; we just ate snacks and that's it. One time we did not eat for a very long time. But one we got to out destination, they waited for us with a table full of food and it was super delicious.
Before Arrival
After all the long trips, we arrived at a hotel in Mexico City. We stayed in that hotel for about 3 days. After that, we went back to another state and spent about a week in a house with other people. After that, they gave us passports from Mexico. We traveled by plane for 4 hours that I spent sleeping. Then we reached the border where we were traveling almost all day and then at nightfall we were able to go to immigration. We were in a room that they call "Hielera." Then we travelled to some immigration barracks and after a few days they let us leave and for my birthday we arrived in NC where I would eventually live.
After Arrival
I'm still adapting to a new culture. I haven't made many friends but I'm fine; I'm happy with my family so that's enough. In the time I've been here, I've seen many places which I hardly like because it's too cold. I have grown up since in my country it is also very hot, here I have learned many different things and met people that I did not think I would meet; there are many people from different countries, and I like that since I also learn from them.