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Sisterly Love

by Jessica Haas


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Some people say that having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of. You know whatever you do, they'll still be there. My youngest sister Emily and I are around five years apart. Growing up, I always looked at Emily as an annoyance. She always wanted to hang out with my friends and I, she would take my personal items and she would do sneaky things. Her and I would fight like crazy and she would always play the part of the innocent baby which drove me crazy! Since I was the eldest, I was always the one that ended up in trouble. Although we have had our differences through the years I have come to learn that we will always be there for one another. My sister Emily and I support each other through the challenging times, celebratory times and big decisions.  
To begin, my sister Emily and I support each other through the challenging times. During the course of the past couple of years there have been some somber times in my family. My Nonna who was 102 years old passed away. When it happened my sister and I talked on the phone for almost the whole night. We cried, we laughed and told our favorite stories about her. We remembered when she would chase us all around her house, up and down the stairs and how she would take us to have silver dollar pancakes in the morning. Together with my other sister Jamie we supported our mom who was really devastated. Even though we were all sad we were there for each other.
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Emily was also there for me when I was having a tough time teaching online. She would see me trying my hardest with my students and planning all night. My eyes and head would hurt at the end of a long day but she would be there to make me a snack, some tea or just was there to make me smile. These are just some of the ways that we support each other through tough times. 

Next, my sister Emily and I support each other through celebratory times. Right before the pandemic hit my sisters and mom came and watched a performance I directed of the play "Into the Woods." This was the first time I had ever done something like this. Emily cheered for my students and I. When the play was over we went out to dinner together and she told me how proud she was of me. It meant so much to me to have her there to experience this with me.