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A Devotional For The Struggling Soul

by David Scheetz JR.


A Devotional For The Struggling Soul
By David Scheetz JR
This book is dedicated to the many suffering souls wandering this earth. For two decades I have faced countless trials and have seen and experienced a lot of pain. Through everything, I continue daily to simply strive for something greater for myself and my family and friends alike. If you are struggling with anything like addiction, mental health issues facing past traumas I hope these writings can help you heal just a bit more. Even if you are just someone who is simply looking for some positive and uplifting material I hope this book helps you. Since I was a child growing up in a toxic environment I've always wanted to help someone simply not feel forgotten or unloved. so I pray these writings help you find your way!
When we allow ourselves to Walk with God, he can clear our path. Yes, there will be trials up ahead however through faith our king Jesus Christ will be with us as we face the storms. People believe that the biggest misconception is that you can’t Have Jesus and a storm. Remember what God did with his only son, we may face challenges but through our faith will we be rewarded.
Truth is. It's always darkest before the dawn. However as with every night coming to an end so the sun follows. To shine bright on a brand new day.
Last night was really bad for you. You laid there tossing and turning. Maybe you were somewhere sitting alone, the phone was off and you were staring off into the dark with a face full of tears and a shattered heart. Your feeling lost right now. Nothing your doing seems to be workings like even with all your effort. No one sees you.
The bills are stacking, it's like every time you turn around there's a new issue. Car trouble, the animal is sick, cut hours at work, you didn't get that raise you so desperately needed, and now your child is sick as well and don't have insurance because you can barely afford the roof over your head.
Maybe you were thinking, why did he leave me this way? Broken, confused with the weight of the world and our babies...he said forever. Why did she choose him over me? What is it about me that isn't good enough? She said she loved me...No one ever will.
And as the night went got really bad, right? You may have been burying your face in your knees or pillow crying, begging, screaming for your racing thoughts to end. Covered in sweat consumed by fear the inevitable comes across your mind...and now it's time to talk yourself out of suicide....and you did...because...your reading this.
I love you.. I'm glad you made it through another dark and lonely night. Please understand that whatever it is you going through it isn't permanent. And most problems can be solved with something as simple as changed behavior following a changed mindset. You have made it this far, get a reward for your pain by sticking it out. You are worthy and you are loved. There are people out there who need to see you, they need to know you. You matter. Try watching that sunrise tomorrow, it could possibly for just those few mins put you at peace.
Believe me...I know all too well about those few moments. It's why I stay out here...where I'm safe....from me. Until next time....keep up the good fight.