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Modern Technology Book

by Leslie Mora [STUDENT]


As teachers begin to incorporate methods of technology in the classroom, the way in which they implement the method is how the students will get in the habit of utilizing the methods of technology in the classroom. Through time, the incorporation of technology in the classroom begins to show noticeable results now that there is an increase of engagement as technology facilitates the learning of students. Apart from that, students begin to see technology as a tool that can enhance the way they learn as well as how they use these methods of technology.
As students learn how to utilize technology as a tool through time, it begins to become a habit that will benefit them eventually. Technology has become a very important tool in this generation and as time evolves, students learn to utilize technology correctly to implement it as they prepare to face the real world. Apart from that, using technology can help students learn different ways to utilize this method and also use it in the best way that may benefit them. For instance, students with special needs, speakers of only one language, etc. can learn to use technology in the correct way for their own benefit.
Through the implementation of methods of technology, this method does not only benefit students but teachers as well. As teachers go through the process of creating lessons, they are able to have a smoother process as they have an improved time management. Also, teachers have an opportunity to gain new knowledge as they learn to have new connections / ways to communicate with their students and also learn to incorporate different learning styles / methods. Through these connections and implemented methods, teachers are able to receive a higher percentage of engagement / participation in their classroom throughout the lesson.

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