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Civics and Ethics

by gabriela rivera


by Gabriela Rivera
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What comes to your mind when you hear "Civics & Ethics" ?
Write your ideas on the next page.

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I think maybe topics about politics and human rights or justice in general.
Finding similar words:
Go to the next page. Which are the words you mentioned in your brainstorming? Circle, underline or write them on a new page.
🔍Look up the definitions of the following words:
1. CIVIC: something that benefits an individual citizen.
2. ETHIC: a set of morals or principals.
3. CIVICS AND ETHICS: field of study that deals with rights and responsibilities.
Write the meanings next to each word.

Watch the next video and answer the questions:

Video questions:

1) What does the speaker say about Civics? it is defined as the study of the rights and duties of citizenship.
2) What are the skills you'll learn? enacting a sense of belonging and identity.
3) Why is it important to know that? because I'll know for myself my worth and my person.
4) What did you learn in Civics and Ethics last year? A lot about human rights and its different laws.
5) What do you expect from Civics and Ethics' subject by the end of this school year? To learns more about the world and how it works and take into consideration the problems our society deals with everyday.