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Dear friends from Szarow ,welcome to Greece and welcome to our school ! 
·     Our country Greece ( Hellas) is in the South – East part of Europe in the Balkan Peninsula.
·     11 million people live in it. There are over 2.500 Greek islands .
·     The highest mountain is mountain Olympus (around 3.000 metres high ) . The country’s capital is Athens .
·     Democracy , Philosophy, Drama ,Comedy and Tragedy and the Olympic Games were born in Greece . 
·     The second biggest Greek city is Thessaloniki in the north part of the country .
·     Thessaloniki was founded my King Cassandros of Macedonia in 315 BC .
·     Events such as the International Fair , the International Film Festival are held annually in Thessaloniki .
·     The city’s main University, Aristotle University is the largest in Greece and the Balkans . 
·      Our school is situated in the town of CHORTIATIS ,a suburb of Thessaloniki.
·     Chortiatis is also the name of the mountain of Thessaloniki.
Mountain Chortiatis is 1.200 metres high .
·     The ancient name of the town is Cissos and it was mentioned by Homer.
·     On 2 September 1944 ,146 civilians were murdered
  by the Nazis at the end of their occupation of Greece (Chortiatis massacre ).
·     Chortiatis is a place with beautiful nature with forests and springs while the view from its top is magnificent! 
Some of the most important holidays in Greece are:
Easter ( Pasha) 

Apokreas (Carnival Season)
August 15th  (Saint's day of the Virgin Mary)
March 25th (Independence Day)
October 28th 1940 
(Ohi Day)
May Day or May 1st. 
 The Greeks like to eat good food ! The Greek cuisine is part of the cuisine of the Mediterranean countries.
It’s based on the triad : wheat , olive oil and wine . These are combined with vegetables,fish , meat and yoghurt among others.
The Greeks also love to dance a lot ! There are over 4,000 traditional dances from all over Greece.
These dances are performed in weddings,baptisms , births, name days , festivals and holidays such as Easter.