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Dear friends from Szarow ,welcome to Greece and welcome to our school ! 
·     Our country Greece ( Hellas) is in the South – East part of Europe in the Balkan Peninsula.
·     11 million people live in it. There are over 2.500 Greek islands .
·     The highest mountain is mountain Olympus (around 3.000 metres high ) . The country’s capital is Athens .
·     Democracy , Philosophy, Drama ,Comedy and Tragedy and the Olympic Games were born in Greece . 
·     The second biggest Greek city is Thessaloniki in the north part of the country .
·     Thessaloniki was founded my King Cassandros of Macedonia in 315 BC .
·     Events such as the International Fair , the International Film Festival are held annually in Thessaloniki .
·     The city’s main University, Aristotle University is the largest in Greece and the Balkans . 
·      Our school is situated in the town of CHORTIATIS ,a suburb of Thessaloniki.
·     Chortiatis is also the name of the mountain of Thessaloniki.
Mountain Chortiatis is 1.200 metres high .
·     The ancient name of the town is Cissos and it was mentioned by Homer.
·     On 2 September 1944 ,146 civilians were murdered
  by the Nazis at the end of their occupation of Greece (Chortiatis massacre ).
·     Chortiatis is a place with beautiful nature with forests and springs while the view from its top is magnificent! 
Some of the most important holidays in Greece are:
Easter ( Pasha) 

Apokreas (Carnival Season)
August 15th  (Saint's day of the Virgin Mary)
March 25th (Independence Day)
October 28th 1940 
(Ohi Day)
May Day or May 1st.