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AC February 2021

by Tamra Bird


February 2021
What we have been up to these
past few months and where are
we headed?
Antelope Canyon Families,

We know most of you can't visit the school right now so we are bringing what we're doing at school to you! In the upcoming pages, each grade level or team shares what they've been learning over the past few months along with new learning on the horizon.

Thank you for sharing your amazing, kind, thoughtful, and brilliant children with us each day. We genuinely love them and are grateful to celebrate their successes and helping them through their struggles.

Tami Bird
New year, new music! January brought many new songs and dances for our students. We are learning and growing in our musical development, particularly focused on keeping the steady beat when performing. January and February are exciting times in music class because we dive deeply into our musical skills, and have learned the vocabulary to self-reflect on our progress. Students are learning age-appropriate performance pieces, and we look forward to sharing them with you later this year!

January also brought a big personnel change to the music classroom: Mrs. Elliot gained a student teacher, Mrs. Bawden. We have enjoyed getting to know her, showing her how musical we are! She will be with us until the end of April, learning from and with our Pronghorns!
Some High Notes:

Ask your kindergartener to teach you the Heel Toe Polka, and dance along to music on YouTube - "Heel Toe Polka (Brown Jug Polka)" by Wongawilli. Be careful at the end--it gets faster! 
First graders have been working on the instrument families, and finally got to watch some fun videos to hear how they sound. We are working on a Mother Goose program, so listen for some familiar rhymes!

Second grade is working on seasonal songs, including a performance coming soon! Each class is learning a different song on the colorful Boomwhackers, and have been practicing their dance moves with Paw Paw Patch.
Third graders have made TREMENDOUS progress on their opera! Ask them about their libretto - each child has written at least one line in the opera! We can't wait to work with a professional composer to set their libretto to melodies next month.
Fourth graders and Mrs. McNees' class have been talking in-depth about Utah history, and are working on a program to share with you. Ask them about the song Old Brass Wagon; what does a wagon have to do with Utah history?! They can also show off their rhythm mastery by performing "Rocky Mountain" to different rhythms.