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Collaborative book of stories

by Anna Zawadzka


Collaborative book of stories
written collaboratively by students from
France, Finland, Poland and Spain

Erasmus plus project
"Let's share our small worlds"
February 2023
Charlie was a teenager living in the 21st century. He lived a normal life, in the city of Columbus, Ohio. One day, he was watching TV with his family, when he heard the news about the drought that had big consequences on the rivers in the cities. Apparently, the following heatwave made the situation even worse. He got really overwhelmed by this terrifying news, and decided to check it by himself. So,the boy went to the Scioto river to examine the situation. Charlie was shocked by what he saw. The level of the water was really low, and he could see many sand patches on the river. Horrified by the view, he quickly went to his home to tell all about it to his family. Surprisingly for him, his parents didn’t really react to the news. They told him that it was a common problem, and that it always goes away after some time. Charlie didn’t give the point to them, and decided to take things into his own matters.
Because of that, Charlie felt so integrated about what was actually happening in the river. So, one day he went to the Scioto river to discover why the level of the water was really low and contaminated. While Charlie was walking around the river he found something shiny buried in the ground. Then, he dared to go into the water with a shovel to dig that mystery thing. He started digging near it when he noticed that he had made a strange discovery. There were some pipes right there. After that, the boy thought these pipes were of the population next to the river, which were contaminating it.
After a few days of examining the river and pipes Charlie figured out that these pipes led nowhere. He was shocked when he found that out, because he was sure that those pipes would lead him somewhere. The pipes leaded him to a place, where two rivers connect. After that, he started searching information about pipes in a river that led nowhere. At first he headed to the library, but he found only one book about pipes, and it didn't said a word about the situation that Charlie had. He almost gave up searching, but then, one day, he was reading a book in the library wrapped in a cozy blanket, because he loves books. Suddenly something dropped from between the pages of the book. It was a piece of paper. At first he thought it was someone's old tissue. He already almost threw it away, when he saw some text in the paper. Charlie got interested and opened the paper. It looked very very weird. The text was made from letter pieces of newspaper. At first he didn’t get it at all. He decided to get some juice from the library cafe. Charlie paid for it and took the apple juice from the fridge. Then he sat down and started figuring out the text. He spent over two hours trying to read the text. Finally he figured out that he has to read only every other letter. It said, “When we get thirsty, we drink a lot of water. In a year we will come again, so see you