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by Tavera Tunarosa Santiago Alejandro


CIMM Center
Santiago Alejandro Tavera Tunarosa


Industrial Electromechanical Maintenance Technologist
1) What is the best way to get to the library?
Go straight then turn to the left go straight and left hand will be the library
2) Is this the right path to Electricity 2?
continue straight turn to the left continue straight to the right side will be electricity 2
3) Could you tell me how to get to physical culture?
At the entrance to the left continue straight and at the end to the right will be physical culture
4) Where do I go to get to the English room?
Environmental control must go like this and English will be in front
5) Pardon me, I'm lost. How do I get to Auditorium?
Continue straight ahead and turn left continue straight ahead and at the end to the left will be the auditorium