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by Austin A


Scientific name:
Gulo gulo
Info about Wolverines
A wolverine can travel 15 miles a day (24 kilometers) a day searching for food!

Color: Brown and white with two yellow-like stripes on its back.
Size: Head and body, 26-34 in; tail, 7-10 inches.
Length: tail,7-10 body, 26 head, 1-6.
Weight: 24-40 Pounds.
Interesting facts about Wolverines
Interesting fact #1

1. Wolverines are really cool and awesome hunters but one time, there was a dead deer and a wolverine wanted it. But there was a giant black bear who wanted it too. They fought for it, and the bear won. And that proves how fearless they are!

Interesting fact #2

2. Wolverines are the biggest member of the weasel family!

In the wild, Wolverines eat food like: fish, deer, elk, rabbit, mice, and squirrels.                               

From a store, Wolverines eat: rabbit, fish, mice, and squirrels.

From a feed store, wolverines could eat: Nothing

From a hunter, you can get: Mice, deer, elk, and moose.
So, while in the rescue center wolverines can eat the following foods from the store or from home:
Rabbits, fish, moose, deer, elk, and mice.

My animal does not like to eat: Grass, leaves, bark, or wood.
In the wild the wolverine lives in remote forests, taigas, tundras, and near rivers.
The habitat at the rescue center needs to have the following things in it:
1. trees.
2. food.
3. desert-like areas.
4. water

They can get stressed out if they are done attacking an animal
Care and handling if you go into the habitat
1. Back away from the animal slowly. They will think your harmless and move on.

2. Stay away from their cubs (if they have any around) it will think your danger to them.
1. Go near the animal. They might think you are a predator and attack you, and they are fearless. 

2. Try to feed them. They might eat you instead