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Mewhite & Mebad



Bad Things Just Happens.
Written by Fera.
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You know that people are not bad at all, just sometimes they do bad things.
When a person gets lost they need a person who can help. 

Now you will read a story about Mewhite and Mebad….
Both of them are living in Grey town.
Grey town is so small and everyone knows each other. 
On a sunny day or a foggy day for someone, Greynies had a visitor in their town. 
She was bright and had a good attitude. 
When she helped the oldest woman cross the road, a small sun appeared behind her and she was happy all day. 
But in the Gray  town there was a Mebad ,everyone  knows him.
He was always gloomy and everything around him turned gray, also a small gray cloud followed him, because of this he lived and was alone. 

During the day Mewhite hangs out at the Grey town streets , helping and having a conversation with a native citizens. 
However she noticed Mebad going down the streets and ran toward him. 
-”Hello” She says. But he ignores her.
-”How are you?” She asks ,but he still doesn't react to her.
-”Hey. Do you hear me?” Blocking his way , she yells.

At that moment their eyes met.
And then she noticed that his eyes were somehow empty, only sadness was seen inside them. 
For a fraction of a second, her sparkling smile disappeared .
A languid voice engulfed the silence…
-”Get off me, you don't have to mess with me,”Mebad muttered.
She stepped aside and let him pass.

Soul don't meet by accident ...
For a long time she stood by the road, thinking what was wrong with him, why he was like that, but her thoughts were interrupted by a middle-aged woman.
-”Welcome. Mewhite , if i'm not mistaken. I am the mayor of this town , my name is Memood ” Holding out her hand she said.
-”Ohhh. Nice to meet you. Glad to be one of the residents of this town.”Showing a sparkling smile again, she gave the answer.
-”I think you have been waiting for me,”Continued the mayor.
-”Let's go and I will show you your house, it is as beautiful as its mistress.”She winked.