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Integrating Civic engagement in teaching English

by Elena Rusu, IPLT Budesti


Project "Integrating Civic Engagement in Teaching English – Taking Action!"
Project Goal
The project’s specific goal is to enhance an inclusive school society that respects and promotes human rights, diversity, equity, and equality by offering equal chances to the students, focusing mainly on those that manifest low motivation, low self-esteem, low level of involvement, mainly because they are excluded, left out, discriminated, neglected, considered unworthy to be listened to, also by encouraging marginalized participants to participate in decision-making activities that affect their lives as means for acquiring and practicing relevant life skills that increases their self-esteem.
-to promote empathy and an awareness of the dynamic nature of culture and identities among the students;
-to increase awareness of some of the factors in school and classrooms that bring out unwanted behaviour;
-to incorporate some contemporary and controversial issues in a natural way into English language teaching revising and adapting long term planning;
-to identify the issues that are of present concern within the school community;
-to transform students from media and ICT users into information creators and producers;
-to encourage students to develop their skills of advocacy and persuasion in relation to an issue that concerns them, deploying information and ammunition to support their arguments;
-to deepen partnership with specific community stakeholders involved in solving issues;
-to inform the key local stakeholders of the progress of the project via newsletters or dissemination of student achievement via the school website, social media etc.
The results/outcomes of the implemented Activities
Results of the workshop
Gender equality-Equal but different

Short paragraphs and presentations created by the students
Gender discrimination should not exist. There are women who do better in business, driving cars, to lead a state or group .And men are better at doing makeup, singing, as a designer. We are free to choose what we want no matter who we are or what we are. Elena