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This is us, our journey of adventure

by By MCXW 2021


This is us, our journey of adventure

A collection of poetry telling the powerful stories of MCXW 2021
Table Of Contense
Year 5
Page 3 Poetry by Jonah Tomlin
Page 4 The Auspicious Performance By Aaron Tang
Page 5 The Flying Pinata! by Pareeza Singh
Page 6 MC Markets by Lachlan Reid
Page 7 Rolling Down the Hill by Ivy Moffitt
Page 8 I Build Paper Houses by Natchanon (Callum) Lewington
Page 9 Our Market by George Kelly
Page 10 Different by Hayley Hughes
Page 11 Friends By Allyson Howard
Page 12 Superior Friendships by Wil Haynes
Page 13 The Best Excursion by Emerson Fung
Page 14 Creating a Podcast by Bronte Dart
Year 4
Page 15 Friendship by Marley Zenith
Page 16 A Play by Aarav Zala
Page 17 Markets by Paige Sng
Page 18 The Surprise by Naomi Salter
Page 19 The Advantage by Callum Reynolds
Page 20 A Podcast by Sonny Reid
Page 21 The Nail-Biting Performance! by Adithya Raghavendra
Page 22 The Moment of a Lifetime by Ryan Ng
Page 23 MCXW by Annika Lang
Page 24 MCX by Acacia Healy
Page 25 Crash by Kaiden Fedorow
Page 26 The Brilliant Beehive by Zali Barwick
The extraordinary play
I chose to make a play, a subject, as I rose for the challenge.  

I thought I caught the best project. 

I started a script, the words flowing on the page like a river with water surging away.

I formed the script ready to be performed. 

 Then my friends and I started rehearsing like a F1 racing car practicing laps on a track. 

 We performed, people thumping as loud as a leaf blower. 

No one could be stopped as they dropped into their seats. 

Hoping for something good, as they were coping with the time limit that they were waiting for. 

I was feeling very nervous hoping that we were doing a great service.  

Until the principal came walking in like a boss , but I had to be strong because no one could stop me. 

But out of nowhere, it was a huge success.
By Jonah

The Auspicious Performance
By Aaron

Making a project with my friends in front of the whole school is cool, but it is also hard work and exhausting.

When the bell rang tons of students were rushing in like a swarm of bees coming out of it’s hive and gathering pollen.

In the library pretending to be on top a stage and looking at the audience is like looking at a school of piranhas hungry for more entertainment.

Saying every line on the script is like opening your mouth underwater and trying hard to say every word of the line clearly.

Everytime we performed we formed a perfect performance.

As we finished the audience’s applause was like a war field and the sound of gun fire.

After the performance we gave the auspicious audience some delicious lollies. 

I felt relieved to achieve a project that had to be performed in front of the school.
The Flying Pinata!

The pinata being held hostage at the top.
People are staring carefully,
waiting for it to be dropped.
Everyone was focused,
Like an eagle catching its prey.
As soon as the pinata fell, 
No one tried to stay away.
Running like cheetahs,
We are nearly there!
We reached our hands out wide
as we began to dive.
Everyone on the Cola floor
grabbing what they can,
it was way too chaotic but it was all part of the plan.
The wind was whistling.
The Cola can now rest.
Since Operation Throw The Pinata Off The Balcony
was a huge success.
By: Pareeza Singh
MC Markets

In a place full of pulsating sound,
We smashed down our expenses,
Like a wrecking ball pummeling a building into rubble and debri
And then we rise, rise into the profit zone,
Like a kite on a blustery Autumns day,
Safely storing our money,
Like a squirrel stashing nuts

The customer’s were coming,
Like a stampede of bulls storming through a canyon,
And as the bell grew ever closer,
The customers were keen to stay,
Like bees swarming to a hive,
And then the bell rang through the air, 
And success was on our side

By Lochie