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Ms. Ally and The Band-Aids

by Cheyanna Jade


Ms. Ally and The Band-Aids
By: Cheyanna Howard
Ms. Ally the Aligator is a fair teacher. She loves teaching her class about how to treat others fair.
One day on the play ground Billy the goat, Caroline the Cow, and Priscilla the Pig got into a ruckus on the playground.
Immediately following the accident Priscilla, Billy, and Caroline run to Ms. Ally to tell her about their injuries.
Priscilla scraped her elbow rolling in the mud.
Billy hurt his horn when he got stuck in the monkey bars.
Caroline is not hurt physically, however her feelings are hurt.
Priscilla received a Band-Aid from Ms. Ally for her elbow and placed the Band-Aid where she needed it, on her elbow!!
Billy the goat who hurt his horn, received a Band-Aid as well, however, Ms. Ally told Billy, "Put the Band-Aid on your Elbow."
Caroline the cow was not hurt physically, however her heart was broken from fighting with her friends. She received a Band-Aid as well, and just like Billy, Ms. Ally told her to place the Band-Aid on her elbow.
Once the Band-Aids were on. The students expressed that this did not help their problems.
"Why not?" asks Ms. Ally. Billy responds, "Because we all did not hurt our elbows."
"How can we solve each others problems with and/or without Band-Aids?" asks Ms. Ally.