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Bangladesh is in South Asia. Its capital city is Dhaka. It got independence from Pakistan. The president is named Mohammed Shahabuddin. The first president was arrested. Bangladeshi are basically Indians.

The natural landscape is beautiful with many forests, lakes and pretty flowers. People often ride boats. It is a fishing country. The national animal is the Bangladeshi tiger.

There are no apartments. People live in cool houses. Insects sometimes come into houses. Most people are poor. However, they are fashionable and wear nice outfits. People have goats, ducks and birds as pets. The popular food is biryani. The popular drink is tea (chai). Some dishes are spicy. Bangladeshi drive CNG cars. There is much pollution.

Students wear a school uniform. Most schools are strict. Most mothers are strict, too.

Thanks to religious beliefs, Bangladeshi don’t believe in myths or legends.
The capital of Russia is Moscow.

In winter it snows a lot and the temperature drops below 35ο C.

People eat more often soup than any other food.

Children have school 6 days a week.

Christmas is celebrated on January 7th.
Tirana is the capital. Life in Albania is quite similar to life in Greece.