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The Story of David, Solomon and Saul

by Russell Timothy Wibowo. 5D / 19


King Saul

King Saul was the first king of israel. He became the first king because God said to his prophet samuel to pick a king for israel and he anoint Saul to be the king. But after he became the king he was disoeidient to God

Saul as King was disobidient and impatient he was also very fearful. He did alot of sins. Some examples are when God told him to make a burnt offering, but he said it should have been done by Sammuel and he also spared the best animals but God wanted Saul to spare anything so then God wanted Sammuel to anointed another King
King David

King david was selected King by Sammuel after Saul's disobidience to God. God told Sammuel to pick one of a man sons. the man had eight sons but he only showed seven of them then sammuel said that isnt there one more son and the man said yes he is the youngest of the his name is david then Sammuel picked him to be the next king.

David is obidient and helpful he is the one that looks after his father's sheep.'Other than that he is also brave and confident. One day he was able to kill a lion. Then one day the israelis were fighting the phillistines and they had a giant called the goliath. All of the Israelites were scared. Then suddenly the goliath told the israelites to send their best warrior but they were too scared. Then David was to give his brothers but when he heard about goliath he wanted to help them and King Saul let him to fight him with his armor but he said he just needed God and he was able to defeat the goliath with a sling shot then all the philistines were scared and ran. So then David became the king of israel.
King Solomon

King solomon was David's son and when David is old, he pick his son to be the next King of Israel. He said to Solomon to always follow God then he sat on the throne. He was a wise and thoutful person and it was thanks to a dream and God also gave him great riches to him. Then two mothers when to Solomon and one of them said that the woman beside her had a son that died and wanted to swithed it with hers and the other one said the same thing so Solomon wanted to know which want was the mother and wanted to cut it in half then he gave it the first mother that did'nt wanted him to cut him down.

One day David wanted to build a house to worship God but God told him to let Solomon build it. so then Solomon build it with the people. Then soon it was finished. Then after that, he made a lot of sacrifices and had some feast's so God blessed solomon and Israel finally worship God. But Solomon married a lot of woman that God did not want him to marry and they made solomon unfaithful to God. But then one of his officers would rule ten of the twelve tribes of egypt then he went to egypt to escape solomon because he would kill him.

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