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Climate Change

by Yi Xiang


Climate Change
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What is Climate Change?

Climate is the average weather condition in a specific time and place. It is usually measured liver a 30 years period of time ( unicef 2017). Climate change is long term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns. This changes maybe caused by natural patterns or human activities.
Global Warming
Fossil Fuels
Enhanced Greenhouse Effect
Actions you can take! First step to save the world!

Children and young people can also play a bey role in addressing climate related risks by promoting environmentally sustainable life and setting an example for their communities children can engage in both social and environmental activities as follows.
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1.) Conserving energy
Doing simple energy saving tasks would help in improving climate change. This include activities like; turning off lights when not in use, turning off computers etc.

2.) Recycling objects
Recycling reusable objects like carrier bags. Plastic bottles rather than disposing off. 

3.)Planting more trees
You can engage in tree planting actives to replace those that has been cut down to avoid desertion.

4.) Convince people to save energy
Telling your parents not leave car running needlessly.

Children can start up conservation clubs at school to create awareness to other children and teachers.

6.) Participation
Develop climate change ambitions and participate in climate change activities.
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Energy conservation is saves money despite helping in preventing climate change. Involving in climate change actives will impart you good values and love for environment, virtues which they will carry along to adulthood therefore promising a good environment and stable climate in future.

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