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Maddy Helm Ingenuity

by Maddilyn Helm

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Defining Ingenuity. There are many synonyms (words) to define this word. Ingenuity means to have a clever, open mindset to help you solve problems you may be facing. Having ingenuity also comes creativity or originality, the art of coming up with something fully on your own! There are many different ways that ingenuity is shown in everyday life. For example, say you dropped a glass vase on the ground, and it broke into a bunch of tiny pieces. You have to figure out a way to solve the problem. You decide to carefully sweep up the mess and get it into the trash can so no one gets hurt. Believe it or not, that's how easy Ingenuity is! Ingenuity is solving everyday problems! Now, of course, not all problems are small like the example i just shown. No worries though, this book will teach you how to show ingenuity in any kind of scenario!
the little mountainside family
by maddie helm
In the hours of the early morning, the clouds and day are forming. On the mountain side, a little house sat, with the sunrise, behind.
Inside, there was a family, where they sat, unhappily. They sat with their faces, miserable and down, their faces, turned to a frown.
They sat, hungry and sleepy, starving, not very merry. There sat a man, the man's spouse, and 2 small children, as small as a mouse.
At last, the man starts to run, to make some funds. As hes leaving out the door, he yells, "Over the rations, don't start a war!"
The children and the spouse sit and wait, hoping one day, something might happen, something great.
The man gets to work, right on time, but notices his boss being a jerk.
"Your late, being late decides your fate." the boss screams.
The man goes to the back, to start making shoes, ugly as a shack.
He sits, hungry and sleepy, starving, not very merry.
Back at the little house, the spouse sitting with her kids, as the bad thoughts forbid.
The girl had an idea to solve their problem, "Be back in a jiffy, ill be back, with something to help our problem."
The girl searches her town, high and low, for job opportunities, she stops, her mind saying, "Behold!"
A little fruit stand, 'hiring', a job, a job she had planned. "I'll take the job! she said, with a little happy sob.
She sat selling all types of fruit, her face, cute.
That day, she came back, with all kinds of money, who knew that people loved children, and would pay them all kinds of money, how funny!
The little girl comes home, with funds in her hands, as she excitedly stands.
She walks through the door, wondering if her parents know, she has money, more.
she walks inside her little house, her excitement, keeping her from being quiet as a mouse.
"Mama!" she yells with enthusiasm in her voice, knowing her mom will be proud of her choice.
The spouse barely bats an eye, as shes wondering 'why?'
She gives a little glance, she looks over, amazed and glad she gave her daughter a chance.
"How?!?, How did you get this? You better not steal, you menace!"
"I worked, i worked real hard, i made so much money, by selling fruit in a yard."
Just then, the husband walks in, looking down at the funds, "Where, when?" he says.
"a kid selling fruit is what everyone wants, because it helps you make money, lots!"
that night, they had a big feast, with loads of food, that's what it is, at least.
The family sits, not hungry, not sleepy, but very merry.