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Science of Reading

by Brandie Fitzgerald


Brandie Fitzgerald 3/2023
How do the regions of the brain impact language acquisition?
* Children with learning disabilities such as dyslexia,basic reading, or reading comprehension often have difficulty learning decoding skills and need a great deal of practice
Why do weak decoding skills exist and what are some impacts on student achievement ( think about all content areas)
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* Readers who do not develop decoding skills will have difficulty with reading comprehension. The earliest phases of reading decoding instruction usually involve phonemic awareness and phonics instruction.
* Instruction that prioritizes alternative "cues" for reading words, such as predicting the word based on the first letter or the picture can contribute to problems with decoding.
* A weakness in Orthographic processing. Orthographic processing is the ability to understand and recognise these writing conventions as well as recognising when words contain correct and incorrect spellings.
What does evidence-based reading instruction consist of at the instructional level you teach?
The National Reading Panel identified five key concepts at the core of every effective reading instruction program for middle school: Phonemic Awareness,Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension.
What does the Science mean for decoding and comprehension at the instructional level you teach? 
*Discussing or activating prior knowledge,
*Developing questions while reading,
*Connecting what they are reading to another text, something they have seen, or something they have experienced,
*Visualizing or picturing what they are reading,
*Making predictions about what will come next in the text,
*Looking back for keywords and rereading in order to clarify or answer questions, and

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