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Goal Setting 203

by Greta Eichmeier


Goal Setting Multimodal
Part One
Greta Eichmeier
What do I want to learn? Why?
Ways to incorporate environmental education pedagogies into my future classroom
How to engage my future students in learning about the world around them and how to help them preserve it
Practices I can incorporate in my everyday life that help the environment and show my students those practices as well
What time commitment am I willing to put into this?
At least two hours a school day (10 hours per week)
May be more or less depending on the workload for the week
What will I do for my mental health to try to balance it all?
Take breaks as needed
Not do all the readings at one time
Ask group members for help, if needed
Start assignments right away
How can I be an active participant in class?
Do all the readings so I can come to class prepared for discussions
Listen to my group members opinions and don't automatically think my opinion is the only one
Don't be afraid to share my ideas with the class or my small group
Group SMART Goal
Collaborate equally among group members
Make sure each group member has an equal chance to share
Make sure everyone has led conversation at least once per class time. Have everyone write down groups initials in sketchbook and add a tally mark each time a group member has spoken. After each week, we will look back to make sure everyone has participated an equal amount of times.
Natural conversation should flow between the group by the end of the semester
Easily achievable if everyone makes an effort to communicate openly
This will promote confidence and give our group new ideas when all members share