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Milly's Bedtime story!

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Milly's bedtime story
Once upon a time there were two mice. There name were Harry and Milly. They lived in a cozy hole in the ground and they were very happy there.
One day harry and Milly went for a little walk in the forest but when they came back to there hole had gotten bigger . Harry looked inside and saw it had been taken over... by Harry and Milly were very sad they had no home what would they do?
I know what we could do said Harry we can go and live in the forest with the other forest animals. So they went into the forest to live with the other forest animals but then it started raining.
Luckily Harry and Milly found another mouse hole that nobody lived in but unluckily it was all damp and wet.
Next morning Harry and Milly went out to find a new home they found a small hole in a tree. They went inside and found a hedgehog they had woken it up and it didn’t like being woke up.