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Panda and Bunny

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Panda and bunny
One sunny morning, panda and bunny spent the morning in the tree house they decided to go and pick some apples from the apple tree. As bunny was picking the apples “there wasn’t as many apples as there was before..” so panda said to bunny.
Bunny said “oh yeah where have they gone?”
And then they heard something..
they approached the bushes slowly they were panting out of breath they were holding each other very scared,
then bunny fell over onto the grass.
As bunny got up from the grass,
a mysterious person and ran away..
They saw some footprints, so they followed
Then the footprints stopped..
they kept on running but nobody was there so they went back to the tree house and heard another noise,
they looked everywhere and they saw a secret door..
as they opened the creepy door,
bunny hopped in surprising panda
then bunny said to panda “come down here!”
what you will see is jaw dropping
dropped panda down and said “wow!”
there was three massive windows shining bright
animals were everywhere.
The lion was the boss of them all
so we introduced ourselves after that we shared the food then went to sleep.
Made by Aaleigha
Edited by : Alexis R and Leticija J