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Isabella and Daisy

by Isabella


My name is Isabella
I am 10 years old
I live in Santos
I have a dog, her name is Daisy
This is Daisy
She is 11 months old
Her birthday is on December, 27th
She is cute, small, crazy
the best food: pancakes
the best film: Harry Potter
the best restaurant: Mcdonald's
the best mall: Balneário
the best school: Liceu São Paulo
my best friends: Camila, Paola, Gabriel
About my family

the strongest person: Isabella
the weakest person: mom
the most intelligent person: dad
the fastest person: Isabella
the craziest person: Daisy
the oldest person: grandfather
the youngest person: cousin

Teacher: Why do you like pancakes?
Isa: because they're delicious

Teacher: why do you like Harry Potter?
Isa: because it's cool

Teacher: why do you like English?
Isa: I don't know....

Teacher: what do you want to be?
Isa: I don't know. I wanted to be a hotel owner, a chef and a director