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Shrove Tuesday

by Kate Dobosz


Shrove Tuesday
Important words
Feast: A meal that is shared as a part of a special celebration.

Fasting: Choosing not to have some types of food or drinks for a short time.

Lent: Is the Catholic celebration before Easter which begins on Ash Wednesday.
What is Shrove Tuesday?
Shrove Tuesday is the day before Lent begins. Traditionally on this day, people would feast and use up foods in their pantries such as butter, eggs and sugar before fasting during Lent.

In the Catholic Church's calendar, Shrove Tuesday is celebrated on the last day of Ordinary Time before Ash Wednesday.
The exact date of Shrove Tuesday changes every year but it is always on the Tuesday before Lent.

The name of Shrove Tuesday comes from the word "shrive" which means to listen to the things that people have done wrong and are sorry for and to forgive them.
Many different countries celebrate Shrove Tuesday. In France, South America and Brazil, the celebration of Shrove Tuesday happens as the same time as Mardi Gras with lots of colourful parades and fancy dress costumes.