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Rudolph is Missing

by Adam


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Santa fell from an evergreen tree at the North Pole. Santa was up in the tree counting his reindeer. Santa noticed Rudolph is missing. Santa called for his head elf named Adam. In a blink of an eye Adam was gone.
Where could Rudolph be?
First, Adam the Elf decided to go to the Christmas Tree shop because Rudolph really like the lights and ornaments. He quickly races to the tree shop.๐ŸŒฒ He notices something red๐Ÿ›‘and glowing from the tree shop.
As he gets closer to it, it becomes more clear that it's an ornament on a Christmas tree. Adam the Elf was deceived. Where could Rudolph be?
Next Adam the Elf goes to the trampoline park because Rudolph enjoys jumping on the trampoline. Adam The Elf saw something red. He moves closer to red object. However it's only a gumball in the gumball machine Adam the Elf was disappointed. Where could Rudolph be?
Finally Adam the Elf decides to go to Tim Horton's to get a snack to wash away the depression. Adam the Elf races to Tim Horton's to get a Boston Cream. Adam the Elf saw a red brightly glowing object coming from Tim Horton's because it was dark out. Adam the Elf wasn't hopeful, but he goes inside of Tim Horton's and sees Rudolph sitting in a chair eating Reindeer Doughnuts. Rudolph explains to Adam the Elf he was hungry and last track of time. Adam the Elf brings Rudolph to Santa. Adam the Elf receives a PS5 with a side of $820 000 for finding Rudolph.