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The book of fairy tales

by Ana Srzić Slaviček


Written by students of
Ivan Gundulić Elementary School
The Witch and the Little Girl

Once upon a time, there was a very scary witch.
Everyone was afraid of her, except one special girl. She was sweet and kind and everyone loved her. She was so sweet, she didn’t believe that the witch was scary. She saw the good in everyone.
One day she was especially curious about the witch, so she went into town and asked everyone about her. No one dared to talk about the witch, they just smiled and walked away. She was still curious though, so she found out where the scary witch lived and decided she would go to meet the witch for herself. The little girl was so sweet that she brought a basket of cupcakes.                                          
by Antea Ivana (7A)
The next day the little girl told her mother she was going out to visit a friend and started her adventure. The witch’s house was just outside the village.
As the little girl walked to the witch’s house, she thought of an escape plan even though she wasn’t expecting any problems. She found herself at the end of the village and then entered a dark forest.
She started getting scared, and just when she thought she should turn back, she saw a house. It must be the witch’s house, she thought to herself. She walked to the old wooden door and knocked. The witch herself opened the door.
She wasn’t expecting the girl, but she invited her anyway. The witch was very sweet.
The little girl was surprised, but quickly got over it and was just as nice back. The two new friends talked and talked, and the little girl got tired. She had walked the whole way to the house. The witch saw the little girl was tired and gave her a blanket, and told her to take a short nap.
The witch liked the little girl very much. During the nap, the witch took her magic wand and gave her own immortality to the little girl so her friend would live forever.