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Choithram School- 5B

by Shikha Suryavanshi

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Felicity 2021
Class 5 B
1. About Choithram School
2. Editors
3. Mentors
4. English Section
5. Hindi Section
6. Math Section
7. Science Section
8. Social Science Section
9. Computer Section
10. Art and Craft Section
11. Inter Cultural Learning Section
12. Achievements
13. Write ups
14. Acknowlegdement
Choithram School, Indore
One of the premier institutions for school level education in Central India is Choithram.
Choithram School, Manik Bagh was established in 1972. It has a well-maintained campus of 54 acres housing a hospital and research centre, two separate buildings for junior and senior students, playgroundsand separate hostels for girls and boys.

The school motto, Vidya Vinayen Shobhate enshrines the ethos that reverberates in this institution. In the journey encompassing 49 years Choithramians have made their presence felt in every sphere. The foundations for excellence in these spheres are laid early on, as the children are made to tread the well laid out paths which simultaneously provide exposure and experiences essential for holistic development of their personalities.
Idrees Presswala
To all my loving students,
Farewells are never easy and as we approach the close of the session there has been a mix of emotions that has feelings of sadness of not seeing you in the Primary block along with the hope of wishing you all the best for entering into new strata of learning, where you again move into the role of youngest in the senior block.
As you Graduate Grade 5 and finish your Primary years of learning, I with firm belief can state that my children have gained a lot in these five years and the foundation for character building has been laid with strong values, perseverance, feelings of acceptance and confidence to move forward, learning from all failures and working in collaboration and cooperation.
My dear children, As we say goodbye to you all, we urge you to be kind to one another and to the new people that are surely going to come your way.
 We ask that you love and care for the people you have in your lives and that you welcome new experiences into your lives openly.
Remember, you all occupy a special place in our hearts and you will always have someone behind you for support and encourageme
These words aren’t enount.

gh to express what we feel today but I’d like to say goodbye and wish you all many enterprising years of learning.
Be safe, stay healthy and enjoy yourself!

Best wishes
Smita Bhargava
Primary Incharge
Dear children,

It’s been a remarkable journey with you all. All my efforts were only to bring out the hidden geniuses in you.
Always strive to be the best in whatever you do. Be humble and let your actions speak for you. May you be blessed with success and glory!
Never back down from the challenges of life. Never give up chasing your dreams. Believe in yourself and the world will be yours.
Wisdom is the most precious gift you one can ever have. Always desire to grow in wisdom because it will never leave your side.
The knowledge you have accumulated will surely take you to places in life. Grab every opportunity that comes in your way and make your dreams true.
The moments we spent together will be missed. But today I’m happy because I can see the confidence in your eyes and the determination in your faces. Good luck with the future!

Lots of Love!!
Yashashri Lole
Class Teacher
Ms. Varsha Pahuja
Ms. Amita Sharma
Ms. Abhilasha Malviya
Ms. Ruchi Chaturvedi
Ms. Shikha Suryavanshi