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Chapter 12 Vocabulary

by Carmen Henderson


Chapter 12 Vocabulary!
Transition Words
Transition words help connect ideas within a text. They can be placed at the beginning, middle, or end of a sentence.
Examples: and, again, next, lastly, (etc.)
Readers' Theatre
Children reading scripts back and fourth. It is not for memory but so the children can develop their fluency skills.
Neurological Impress Method (NIM)
 a form of paired reading in which a student and their tutor read the same text almost simultaneously. Their tutor reads a text slightly faster and louder than the student while both follow the text with their fingers. Majority of the time the student and tutor will be next to each other.
Choral Reading
Choral reading is also known as oral reading. The teacher will begin to read a text the students have already read and the students will join in reading in unison with their teacher.
Echo Reading
This is when the teacher is reading to the students out loud to demonstrate reading fluency. After the teacher is done, the students will read it back to their teacher the same way she just read aloud to them.