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Living Laudato Si': 1st Semester

by Rodriguez Alyanna Paige


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Living Laudato Si'
Alyanna Paige Rodriguez
Monday 6th September 2021
St. Joseph's Academy is into Laudato Si'
What do I most want to sing about praise?
Words by Paige Rodriguez
Words by Alyanna Paige E. Rodriguez

With the glory of God's creation all around me, I am most grateful for giving me another year of existence and wonderful life because despite the virus spreading, I am still safe and healthy, continue living my life and I am grateful for it. It made my faith in Him stronger than before. But these past few days and months, I almost lose my faith in the Lord because of what is happening around us, most especially when I got sick in how many consecutive days. I ask the Lord why is he doing this to me. Then I attended a Youth Home Retreat. There, I found my way again to the Lord and taught me that I should be grateful because I survived the sickness that I got and I don't know where it came from. So, after the retreat, my faith was restored and I am grateful that I trust God that He will soon heal me and that is what made my faith in Him, even more, stronger than before. I am also grateful that I am God's Beloved, I am God's Servant, and I am God's Powerful Champion.
What I most want to sing about with praise is when I achieve something that I did not expect that I would achieve. And also, every year, when it's my birthday, I sing praise to the Lord for giving me another year of existence. I also sing praise when I am thankful and grateful to the Lord for everything that He had done to me because His love is everlasting and unconditional.
The Global Crisis Phenomenon
COP26 Meeting
Monday 13th September 2021
Words by Paige Rodriguez
The COP26 meeting last Tuesday is about decolonizing and decarbonizing. The representatives are ready to take climate change action. There are a lot of problems in this world that we are facing. We have to do something about what is happening to our world because otherwise, the next generation will not be able to benefit from our environment. Because of the manmade disasters, the whole world is experiencing global warming. We are the cause of these disasters so we should take responsibility and take action. God created the universe so we should take care of it. By the student representatives of COP26, we can change the world to make it a better place to live.
Not only the student representatives can be the ones who can change the world. We can also do small acts of kindness in nature like putting the trash in the trash can, recycling the paper, cans, or plastics, or we can avoid using plastics, etc. Doing this kind of act can be a huge contribution to help save our mother nature. If we could just discipline ourselves by taking care of the natural environment, we can maintain the beauty of the natural world.
Effects of Climate Change in Kiribati
Kiribati - A Climate Change Reality
Monday, 20th September 2021
Words by Alyanna Rodriguez
Climate change has affected a lot of people and countries around the world. The Pacific area is the most affected in the whole world by climate change. One example is the island of Kiribati. Kiribati has been severely affected by climate change like there is part of the land where people used to live but due to climate change, the homes that their ancestors built and where they grew up were gone for it was washed away because of the erosion and high level of the sea and the main cause is climate change. It will be hard for people to migrate to another country or another land because they were attached to that land and the
memories that they made will just disappear. Some of the residents of Kiribati always move their house every three years because the water is already reaching the land area where they live. It’s very sad because people live there in that land, but because of the cause of climate change, the island might be covered with water. People should know more about what is happening not just in their country but also to the whole world for us to be able to help the country that has been affected by climate change to recover. Let us extend our hands to them because at the end of the day we are the only ones who can help each other.
The Climate Crisis & Its Solutions
Can We Change? Will We Change?
Monday, 27th September 2021
Be the Change!
Words by Alyanna Rodriguez
In this kind of situation, where a lot of tragedies are happening due to climate change, we are asked if we can still change. My answer to that is we can change. We still make a difference to the terrible, horrible things that are happening in the world if we could just discipline ourselves by not throwing garbage carelessly everywhere, not cutting down trees, etc because human activities are the primary cause of climate change and it might return the worse deeds that we are doing to the environment. We can still make a change while it’s still early because we don’t want to blame each other in the end for why all of this happened. But we need to move faster because there is not much time left. It is our responsibility to fix what we have destroyed. Let’s take action because if we are not the ones who will take action, who will? There are a lot of organizations and companies that are already advocating for the environment to save our planet earth and there are also starting to use 100 percent recyclable materials because their goal is to help to lessen the plastics that can bring damage to our mother earth. We need to respond to the cry of our mother earth.
Words by Paige Rodriguez
If we keep on ignoring the situation, the worst-case scenario we’ll have to end up living in a world that is not a better place to live. Just like in Michael Jackson’s song “Heal The World,” let’s think about the next generation, our children’s children. Just like what the song said,
Words by Alyanna Paige E. Rodriguez
"Heal The World"
"Make It A Better Place"
Words by E. Rodriguez
‘There's a place in your heart and I know that it is love and this place it was brighter than tomorrow and if you really try you'll find there's no need to cry. In this place, you'll feel there's no hurt or sorrow.’ Let us ‘Heal the world. Make it a better place for you and for me, and the entire human race.
There are people dying if you care enough for the living. Make a better place for you and for me.’ The song says it all.  We are not the only ones who are suffering in this kind of situation. The poorest of the poor are the most that are being affected by climate change. Think of other people who live in the dumpster or in the squatter’s area. Behind those smiles that they are showing to other people or on the television, there is a huge problem and worse things that they are going through.

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What Is Happening To Our Planet?
Monday, 27th September 2021
Words by Alyanna Paige E. Rodriguez
Let’s try to put our shoes into their shoes for us to realize what is really happening to the world. It’s not too late to make changes in our world. God made the universe for us to be able to live in this beautiful paradise. Let’s make the world our first priority for its own good because we are also the ones who will benefit. Let us extend our hands to those who need help and help each other in changing our dying world. Let’s be united for the sake of our world to help the world be able to live by our next generation. So, let’s start the change, be the change. 
Words by Alyanna
Comic Panel 1
But today, the temperature is reaching up to 1.7 degrees. When we have heat waves, we also have the rise of the sea level. Due to climate change, we experience strong and heavy rain and for the first time in 3,000 years, the seawater level is rising faster than before where the world is experiencing coastal flooding. Then we have extreme conditions of precipitation where most of the countries are experiencing an
It is important to us to know what is happening to our planet. There are a lot of changes that have occurred during the past years. Before the industrial revolution, our environment was a lot more clean and green. As time goes by, our environment is being neglected and gets worse. Before our atmosphere is full of clean air but now there are greenhouse gases. It increases for like every decade and some people said that our ozone layer has a hole in it. We are the cause of this climate change. By the factories that smoke black and by the cars that produce smoke-belching, it can destroy our atmosphere and make a hole in the ozone layer that can cause heatwave. By this, our planet is getting hotter and hotter. Before the industrial revolution, our planet’s temperature only shifts from -0.5 degrees to 0.5 degrees
increase in droughts due to the high temperature or sometimes extreme snow. And due to heatwaves, there are a lot of ice glaciers that are already melting which is the cause of the rising of the sea level. Let some famous celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio be an inspiration to all of us as he outspoken his advocate about climate change. Let us be are of what is happening in our world. We are the only ones who can save our planet. Let’s not waste our time and take an action as soon as we can because our planet earth is dying. Let us change our bad habits for the next generation will still live in the paradise that God made. Let us all together save our planet.
Digital Tools for Jobseekers
Professional Emails, Resumés, and Job Interviews
Monday, 11th, October 2021
the email and make sure that there are no grammatical errors or typographical errors and also check if the email address is right because you might send the email to the wrong address. Some terms that were discussed in the webinar are already familiar to me because when we were in grade 11, our professor in Reading and Writing Skills subject was able to teach us how to send a professional email like Cc means that you are supposed to send an email to a specific person but you make a copy to other recipients. Bcc means you can send an email to yourself while your recipient doesn’t know that you also send it to another person or yourself.
Resumés: First Part
Resumés: Second Part
Words by Alyanna Paige
Words by Alyanna
Professional Emails
Words by Alyanna Paige Rodriguez
In the webinar about Digital Tools for Jobseekers, there are a lot of things that I learned and there are some new ones that I have encountered. One of the things that I have learned is when writing an email to professionals, we should not just double-check the details but triple-check the details or the content of
In writing a resume, the first part of the resume should have your full name and contact information because it will make the readers easy to remember you and it will be easy for them to contact you. In the contact information part, you should avoid putting unprofessional usernames and make sure that the email address should be your name, and be sure to put  the contact number
so that they will also have other ways to contact you. I have learned the purpose of putting the home address because the company is also considering how far your house is from. I’ve also learned that the purpose of a resume is for job hunting and you need to make sure to see if the company is asking you to give them your curriculum vitae or your resume because a lot of people are being