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My Friend

by Kaydra Sipe


My friend!
By: Kaydra Sipe
Table of contents
How Jayleen makes a good friend...
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Example of things my friend is good at...
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How me and Jayleen are different...
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Compare and Contrast...
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Problem and Solution...
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How Jayleen makes a good friend:
she is very nice (if you don't believe me) she let me borrow multiple erasers of hers, she invited me to do the pledge in front of the whole school with her! And she let me wear her locket almost every day, she let me read her library books and so much more.
Jayleen is the best friend ever: she is kind, nice, beautiful, selfless, encouraging, helpful, loving, caring, and soo soo much more, but the one that really shows me she cares is her heart! 
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 Examples of things my friend is good at:

Example: Jayleen is good at doing front flips on the bar at recess, climbing, reading, listening, mind maps, drawing, and most importantly being a good friend  
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How me and Jayleen are different: 
she wears glasses, her hair is shorter than mine, she is better at drawing than me. 
Me and Jayleen are the same we both like to do front flips on the bar, our favorite subjects are both math and reading.
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Compare and Contrast
She lives in Maryland and I live in VA, she goes to church on Saturday and I go on Sunday,
Me and Jayleen are alike, WE BOTH love being friends, we love school, and we both love our teachers!

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