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The Battle between Fruits and Vegetables Vegetables

by Madelyn Jurgens


Farm catastrophes
The Battle between Fruits and Vegetables
By Madelyn Jurgens

Long ago there was a fight between the fruits and the vegetables. They all lived on a farm together. At the time no one knew about pumpkins.

The fight first started when the fruits bragged, "Ha, we're the healthiest because we're always bought and you disgusting vegetables are almost never bought."

The vegetables argued, "We are never bought because kids don't think we taste good but in fact, we are more healthy than the fruits."

The fruit leaders, the apples, decided to prank the vegetables by putting bugs on them. When the vegetables realized that they had bugs on them they declared war on the fruits. When the fruits found out they also declared war on the vegetables.

The first attack the vegetables pulled was putting worms next to the apples so that no one would buy them. Then the vegetables told them that they weren’t healthy anymore because no one bought them. The apples told the vegetables, "We aren’t being bought because we have worms." They all tried their best to get the worms out and clean the apples. It took them several days to do so and the vegetables didn’t help. 

The pears started to work on a plan to attack the vegetables back. They finally decided to put up signs around the farm saying that vegetables were very unhealthy and signs that vegetables tasted like fertilizer. When the vegetables saw the signs they immediately took them down. It took the vegetables one week to get the signs down. The fruits thought that would teach the vegetables a lesson, but it didn’t. 

The broccoli tried to find a way to get the fruits back but it took them one more week to figure out an attack that they thought would put the fruits in second place.

All the while the fruits were planning more attacks as backups just in case they got bored or if the vegetables struck again. 

The vegetables now put their plan into action. They brought cows to the new planting field and set them free.
The reason they did this is that if the cows made the land harder, the fruits would not be able to grow or be planted. When the fruits noticed they weren't being planted anymore, they sent the plums to investigate. When the plums came back they told the fruits there were cows in their field.

The fruits were furious and they knew it was the vegetables. The apples demanded that the pomegranates move the cows at once. The apples also demanded, "The cows are to be put in the vegetable field and there are to be no questions asked!"