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Oiche na Tubaiste

by FoxBrite LLC


oíche na tubaiste
Made by: Tula Fawbush, Sarah Galvez, Anna Boa, Kaylee Nay, Gracie Fisher, and Parker Joy
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The book is broken down into 6 sections.I have done section one for you. Sections 2-6 you should perform a different role. You can take pictures of passages, do drawings and upload them, create videos, or however you want to visually represent your role.

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Part One
Pages 1-28
Passage Master
"The time has must leave all this... the hangariean police use their riffle butts, the clubs to in discriminate strike older men and women and children and cripples... children were crying for water." I chose this because it shows how sad and scary it was for the children and how vulnerable they were for water this was pg 16-17
I felt so sad for them and knew i could never even relate
 to that. 
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The Connector
I connect to this book through my own life because my great grandfather was in the war and he said he saw and heard things like what was happening in this section.
Can you provide a quote of from the book that is an example of things he saw and heard?
-Mrs. Fox
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Word Wizard
Tula Fawbush
A few words I don't completely understand is hermetically and abyss. I can infer that hermetically means a place that is sealed off/protected from the outside world.
According to the text I can infer that abyss means a deep dark bottomless pit.
What does hermetically and abyss mean?
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Page 24: "The world had became a hermetically sealed cattle car."
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Page 25: "..., we felt the abyss opening beneath us."
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