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Literature Circle Template

by FoxBrite LLC


master template
Literature Circle Template
As a group you need to curate your work into a Book using Book Creator.
Each person must contribute to the presentation.
Start this project by customizing your cover and making it aesthetic and relevant to the book. Make sure to include an about page with all of your group members.
The book is broken down into 6 sections.I have done section one for you.
In Sections 2-6 you should assign and rotate through literature circle roles.
When creating your part for each section be creative! I highly recommend using canva to create your pages and then add them to the book. You can take pictures of passages, ADD AND create videos, BOOKTOKS (TIKTOK VIDEOS ON THE BOOK). jUST bE SURE TO visually represent your role.
Play around with the features of Book Creator. You can add links, you can record audio, include images. The combination is endless! I can't wait to see what your group creates!
Part One
Pages 1-28
Amanda Fox-Passage Master
Discussion Director
Amanda F.
Passage Master
Thought Bubble
The Connector